Tiffany Megan


INSTAGRAM: @blueskybarbie

Meet Tiffany: Cabo-based rookie lady angler and lover of all things outdoors!

Reel Girls: What type of fishing do you prefer? Saltwater or freshwater? (or both!)   

Tiffany: “Saltwater.”


Reel Girls: When did you start fishing and what do you love about it?   

Tiffany: “I only started fishing when I moved to Cabo San Lucas Mexico 4  years ago and started working on charter yachts!  What I love about fishing is that it combines multiple interests of mine! I love sports, being on the water and outdoors in general, and of course the adrenaline and sense of accomplishment you feel afterward, especially when you’re grilling up that great catch of the day for your family for dinner!”


Reel Girls: What is your go-to/favorite fishing gear set up while out on the water?

Tiffany: “PENN and SHIMANO.”


Reel Girls: What is the most desired species of fish that you want to catch but haven’t yet?

Tiffany: “Rooster fish!”


Reel Girls: When you’re not fishing, what can we find you doing?

Tiffany: “Cooking, at the beach with my dogs, surfing, golfing, teaching/taking Vinyasa yoga, hiking, and managing my Airbnb properties.”


Reel Girls: Random fact about yourself – GO!

Tiffany: “I worked at the Playboy mansion as a Hostess and Cocktail server.”


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