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Meet Layla: Arizona-based small town girl, beauty influencer, and lady angler.

Reel Girls: What type of fishing do you prefer? Saltwater or freshwater? (or both!)   

Layla: “I have only fished in freshwater, but I have always wanted to try salt water.”


Reel Girls: When did you start fishing and what do you love about it?   

Layla: “I started fishing very young. Under the age of 10. My favorite part is the suspense that you get when you don’t know whats on the end of your line.”


Reel Girls: What is your go-to/favorite fishing gear set up while out on the water?

Layla: “My favorite gear is shake spear poles. Preferably Ugly sticks.  Other than my pole, I am pretty satisfied with a good old worm and hook.”


Reel Girls: What is the most desired species of fish that you want to catch but haven’t yet?

Layla: “Arapaima! Yes, I know its a little unrealistic, but a girl can dream!”


Reel Girls: When you’re not fishing, what can we find you doing?

Layla: “If I am not fishing, you can find me working in the real estate industry (Property Management) or playing video games!”


Reel Girls: Random fact about yourself – GO!

Layla: “I am a small town girl from Indiana that ran away to the city of Phoenix 4 years ago. I had a pet pig growing up named Oink. I used to host social events at public parks for Pokemon Go during its first year of release! I am a crazy cat lady even though I am allergic to them!”


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