Laura Foster


INSTAGRAM: @_fishinwestcoast

Meet Laura: California-based hiker, rock climber, hiker, and all things fishing!

Reel Girls: What type of fishing do you prefer? Saltwater or freshwater? (or both!)   

Laura: “I love freshwater the most. Although I do enjoy perch fishing shoreline at the beach, Bass fishing stole my heart from the get-go.”


Reel Girls: When did you start fishing and what do you love about it?   

Laura: “Started fishing beginning of 2015. I love the tug 🙂 I always tend to get a little impatient if there aren’t any bites for a while, and as soon as I even think about throwing in the towel, I feel a bite and I am hooked once again. I can easily be out on the lake for another 2-3 hours waiting for the next bite.”


Reel Girls: What is your go-to/favorite fishing gear set up while out on the water?

Laura: “Drop shot, hands down.”


Reel Girls: What is the most desired species of fish that you want to catch but haven’t yet?

Laura: “I really want to go deep sea fishing for tuna, that’s on my bucket list.”


Reel Girls: When you’re not fishing, what can we find you doing?

Laura: “Anything outdoors, hiking, indoor rock climbing, even hunting.”


Reel Girls: Random fact about yourself – GO!

Laura: “I still sleep with a nightlight.”


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