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Meet Larissa: Florida-based mother, healthy lifestyle advocate, and outdoor enthusiast!

Reel Girls: What type of fishing do you prefer? Saltwater or freshwater? (or both!)   

Larissa: “Saltwater!! Inshore and and offshore, but mainly offshore fish. I grew up inshore fishing though so I have a love in my heart for that. My dad who passed away 4 yrs ago from suicide took me all the time when I was younger. He was a fireman that struggled internally- so I try to promote suicide awareness and prevention too and the firefighter tourneys are always my fave.”


Reel Girls: When did you start fishing and what do you love about it?   

Larissa: I started fishing when I was like 4-5 catching bluegill off the deck at my grandparents get away trailer off Lake Okeechobee. My gma used to make dough bread for us to fish with out button release Mickey poles lol- which turned into bass fishing (and I loved holding them!!). Then as I got older (being I do not like the taste of bass) my dad and grandparents moved to port Charlotte where we did a lot of inshore fishing in the channels and harbor. I have been addicted to that little tap at the end of a pole since! Redfish, trout, mangrove and sheep head are my fave inshore. Snook is fun, but I struggle catching them! I’ve tarpon fished a few times so I’m dying to catch a big one soon in the keys! It’s in the to do list! Now offshore!! My passion! To hear that line scream gets my blood pumping! If it’s me grabbing the rod, or getting lines in so we can get the fish to the boat. Looking for the color, and anticipation of “what is it” puts me in my happy place! I have a 9yr old son that I’m slowly getting excited about fishing with by doing some bottoms fishing. I caught my first sailfish on my 31st birthday! Still have wahoo and swordfish on the bucket list of things to get done SOON!! (Hoping for a good tournament season this year!!) Eventually the plan is to get a marlin too, but one fish at a time haha.”


Reel Girls: What is your go-to/favorite fishing gear set up while out on the water?

Larissa: Offshore- we use down rigger at different depths, with live goggs or blue runners. Then flat line, bump troll same. If trolling for dolphin, we put outriggers with rigged ballyhoo. Some with skirts and some without. We have done some wahoo fishing which is high speed with some wahoo lures.——-offshore, I love live shrimp! And depending what I’m fishing for, with a bobber.  :)”


Reel Girls: What is the most desired species of fish that you want to catch but haven’t yet?

Larissa: I want a sword!! – I want the bill!! And a wahoo (on my own, 7yrs ago I watched one caught lol)…I also would love to eventually make it offshore where Marlin run too!!”


Reel Girls: When you’re not fishing, what can we find you doing?

Larissa: “I’m a crazy baseball team Mom momma bear! Lol my 9yr old son plays third base and I’m his biggest fan! Other than that love to be on the boat, and with family!! (I work too unfortunately lol to pay to play my expensive hobby).”


Reel Girls: Random fact about yourself – GO!

Larissa: “I have seriously tiny hands lol I think I am an amazing singer (though I’m told I sound like a crying cat haha) I was also an athlete in high school, I am only 5’3 but played basketball (I even played on boy rec leagues…which back then was way less common and the boys hated it lol) and volleyball lol I also was the first quarterback for our high school’s first girls flag football team and was in the newspaper for it! So In short I’m a tom boy and heart that likes to look pretty lol. “


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