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Meet Allison: Indiana-based lady angler who is lover of all things outdoors and fishing!

Reel Girls: What type of fishing do you prefer? Saltwater or freshwater? (or both!)   

“BOTH!!! I have more opportunities for freshwater and am much more familiar with it, but my father introduced me to surf fishing and I love meeting him on the treasure coast of Florida and going after some pompano.”


Reel Girls: When did you start fishing and what do you love about it?   

Allison: ” I’ve been fishing since I was a little kid. My parents always had a passion for it and I loved digging up worms and live bait and trying to catch a bigger fish than my mom or dad. I love fishing because it’s a great excuse to get out and get some fresh air and make memories with family and friends. Plus there are so many different ways to fish and so much to learn! I love that about the sport. “


Reel Girls: What is your go-to/favorite fishing gear set up while out on the water?

Allison: “When I’m going after bass, I love choosing a good crankbait. It’s so fun when they hit them. “


Reel Girls: What is the most desired species of fish that you want to catch but haven’t yet?

Allison: “I’ve always wanted to go after musky. They aren’t very common and catching one, to me, would be a great accomplishment.”


Reel Girls: When you’re not fishing, what can we find you doing?

Allison: “You’ll definitely find me outside! Probably shooting my bow, boating, playing some beach volleyball, or hanging out with my friends.”


Reel Girls: Random fact about yourself – GO!

Allison: “When I was in high school and college I sold worms to bait shops around the county. It helped bring in some decent cash!”


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